Kremlin rejects Trump's description of Germany as Russian 'captive'

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US President Donald Trump

Germany is within the Russian sphere of influence because of its support for a Gazprom pipeline and dependency on Russian gas, the USA president said. "Therefore, choosing between Russian Federation and the United States, Germany is not willing to lose markets in the US", the politician said as reported by Apostrophe, a Ukrainian news outlet. Europe needs diverse sources of gas, not, in our view, a new Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and to lock in greater reliance on Russian Federation at this moment ...

"And you tell me that is appropriate, because I think it's not and I think it's a very bad thing for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and I don't think it should have happened".

"Nord Stream I and II are purely commercial projects that correspond to the interests of suppliers of natural gas and the buyers of natural gas in Western Europe", he said.

Tensions between Washington and Berlin over the pipeline flared in May, with State Department envoys warning that the US might impose sanctions to prevent the Gazprom-sponsored Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Germany budgets about 1.2 percent of its GDP on the military, whereas the USA spends closer to 4 percent, a gap Trump has repeatedly criticized.

But Perry said America supports open competition and looked forward to Monday's much-anticipated summit between Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

The US is opposed to the project because it will increase Europe's reliance on Russian Federation for gas supplies.

"We discussed it with Ukraine, [for example]".

In time the United States could sell more natural gas to Europe, but the sales probably will be limited to countries like Spain, Portugal and Turkey that have never received a lot of their supply from Russian Federation. "The majority of European Union countries start to understand the real goal of the Nord Stream 2".

"But the decision (for such projects - ed.) countries are sovereign". Many critics also point out that Washington is trying to "squeeze" the supply of its LNG to the Europe, which is more high-priced than the Russian one and goes through the pipeline.

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