Netanyahu: today's meeting with Putin very important for Israel's security

Netanyahu: today's meeting with Putin very important for Israel's security

Netanyahu: today's meeting with Putin very important for Israel's security

So in addition to discussing the fluid situation in Syria, the two leaders are expected to deal with other issues, and the inter-connectivity between them, such as the significance of the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal; how to get Iran to exit Syria; the sanctions on Russian Federation as a result of the Ukrainian issue; and US President Donald Trump's long-awaited ideas for a Mideast peace plan. Damascus also repeatedly denied that the Iranian military has any significant presence in Syria, noting that only the Islamic Republic's military advisers are now present on the ground.

Israel has been on high alert as Syrian government forces advance on rebels in the vicinity of the Golan, which Israel took from Syria in the 1967 war.

An Israeli doctor treats a Syrian baby who, together with other Syrians, crossed the armistice line from Syria to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights to get medical treatment in Israel, July 11, 2018. Wednesday's incident came as Netanyahu travelled to Russian Federation to meet President Vladimir Putin. "I stressed Israel's clear position: we are against any presence of Iran in Israel", he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israeli army said the downed drone may have been on an intelligence mission.

"Because Russian military forces are operating just over the northern mountains of Israel in Syria and Israel doesn't have a military conflict with Russia and it does not want a military conflict with Russia", Rosenberg told CBN News.

Both Tehran and Damascus have vehemently rejected Israel's demand.

SANA quoted a military source saying the attack near Hader village near Golan Heights only caused material damage.

According to Syrian media reports, Hezbollah positions were hit in the Quneitra province in Syria's Golan Heights.

Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the drone was constantly monitored and that it traveled about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) inside Israeli territory.

The meeting between Netanyahu and Putin is to be their ninth meeting in the last three years.

"We know about your concerns".

The timing of the Putin-Netanyahu meeting Wednesday is considered not as coincidental.

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