Netflix testing new Ultra subscription tier


Netflix may move HDR streaming to more expensive'Ultra plan04 Jul 2018 | Rasmus Larsen

It's unclear when the streaming service will roll-out the "Ultra" tier to viewers worldwide.

The material suggests that Netflix will cut the number of available streams on its Premium plan from four to two.

It appears that Netflix runs a test right now in Europe and possibly in other regions as well that unlocks a fourth plan. The pricing fluctuates but it seems to be anywhere between €16.99 and €19.99 per month.

Netflix began charging £7.99 ($11 in the US) per month instead of £7.49 ($10 in the US) for a plan that includes HD and allows people to simultaneously watch programs on two different devices. However, a whole new Ultra tier priced above the current offering, syphoning some of the benefits from the Premium tear? That's an extra $6 a month for exactly the same plan many of us already subscribe to for $14 a month. The only discernible difference is the inclusion of HDR support. Similarly, the Standard plan may be downgraded to just one display.

Cnet reports that some Italian customers of Netflix reported that Netflix halved the number of screens that customers can watch streams on simultaneously. noticed the inconsistencies in the price and featureset, noting that everything changed based on what browser or device users were using at the time.

Joining the Base, Standard, and Premium, multiple users say the Ultra plan costs €16.99 in Italy, or €3 more than the Premium plan now available from the world's top streaming content provider.

The video on-demand firm is now trialling a new "Ultra" price plan which brings HDR (High Dynamic Range) quality streaming to up to four screens simultaneously.

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Not all Netflix subscribers will see the test, Saran added, and Netflix may never offer these price points permanently.

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