OR leaders gathered over concern for President Trump's upcoming Supreme Court nomination

OR leaders gathered over concern for President Trump's upcoming Supreme Court nomination

OR leaders gathered over concern for President Trump's upcoming Supreme Court nomination

Trump has said that he will reveal his pick this Monday, July 9 - 12 days after Kennedy announced his retirement - at 9/8c. Vice President Mike Pence would serve as the tiebreaker if the votes are split.

Chicago-based federal judge Amy Coney Barrett, Washington D.C. -based judge Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge, a federal judge in MI, are considered top contenders.

"I think I have it down to four people, and I think of the four people, I have it down to three or two". Even as White House counsel Donald McGahn fiercely guarded information about the candidate interviews and Trump's leanings, the president was engaging with the freewheeling loop of boosters, lawmakers and confidants that he has long counted on for political gut checks.

"I think I have it down to four people", the president said aboard Air Force One.

In contrast to the admittedly narrow criticisms of Kethledge and Kavanaugh, Christian conservatives are nearly uniformly backing Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a U.S. Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. To do so, it's worth considering the views of the man who will spearhead the confirmation battle, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen.

Finally, there's the Rand Paul problem.

The candidate and their spouse's appearance is also important to Trump, Politico reported, citing one person who said it is paramount to Trump that his pick "looks all-American".

Conservative activists want Trump to replace him with a nominee who is more unwaveringly conservative.

Trump has interviewed seven candidates, but narrowed the field to three top contenders, according to the Associated Press.

Given the uncertainty over which party will control the Senate come January, the White House simply can't afford failure in the coming confirmation struggle. As Trump's announcement nears, many have the future of Roe v. Wade top of mind. And with the ailing Arizona Sen.

Members of the federal judiciary are grown-ups with hefty credentials who know they are public figures and worked hard to get there.

In The Washington Post, Gonzales pushed back against the criticism of Kavanaugh's past decisions, as well as the suggestion that his time in Bush's administration as staff secretary in the executive office marks him as an "establishment" Republican.

That law was struck down by the Supreme Court, as she pointed out, by the vote of five justices in 2016 in the case of Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt. Both Kethledge and Gorsuch once served Kennedy as law clerks, as did Kavanaugh.

Yoo added that Kethledge "does some of his best writing" from a cabin in Northern Michigan.

Many of these questions surrounded Barrett's Catholic faith-she is a member of a Catholic revivalist group called "People of Praise," in which members swear an oath of loyalty and give each other input on personal life decisions-and some anxious this would influence her political opinions.

"She was stunned to see the sheer crushing volume of texts and emails", recalled longtime friend and University of Michigan Law School colleague Sarah C. Zearfoss.

Hardiman was a runner-up for the vacancy ultimately filled by Gorsuch. "We are working furiously in Massachusetts to ensure that whatever happens on the Supreme Court, access to abortion in the commonwealth will not be in jeopardy", Rebecca Hart Holder of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts told the Boston Herald.

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