Syrian troops celebrate seizing Jordan border crossing

Syrian army soldiers gesture as they pose for

Syrian troops celebrate seizing Jordan border crossing

Jordan's army has sent reinforcements to its northern border with Syria as Syrian government forces backed by Russian air strikes appear poised to seize the main frontier crossing from rebels, officials said on Friday.

Rebels in southern Syria said on Friday they were close to reaching a deal with regime ally Russian Federation including a ceasefire and the handover of some territory.

In a live broadcast from the Nassib border crossing with Jordan, state television showed groups of Syrian army soldiers flashing victory signs, cheering for Assad, and tearing up insurgent flags.

The shell was apparently fired during fighting between the Syrian army and rebel forces in the area.

Syria's cash-strapped government hopes to recapture Nassib so that it can reopen trade with Jordan to the south.

It caps a series of government victories nationwide since Russian Federation intervened in 2015 on Assad´s side, including for the former rebel bastion of Eastern Ghouta outside Damascus earlier this year.

"Cars carrying Russian military police and representatives of the Syrian government's border administration entered the Naseeb crossing without a fight", observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said.

Near the start of the government's offensive, Washington indicated it would respond to violations of that deal, but it has not done so yet and rebels said it told them to expect no American military help.

Jabawi, the rebel spokesman, said that under the Russian-mediated surrender agreement, the insurgents would begin to hand over some of their heavy weapons in return for a government pullout from several southern villages.

Once completed, this effectively ends the rebellion across southern Syria.

Government advances in Deraa since mid June had brought large parts of the province back under state control.

"All of this is not the result of Israeli-US comfort at the role Iran is playing in Syria, or that Iranian troops are far from the Golan border, but is due to Tehran and Al-Assad taking a back seat in Russian-Israeli relations".

On Thursday, the Israeli cabinet expressed concern over the ongoing Russia-led offensive in Southern Syria, saying Syrian government forces could enter the demilitarized Golan Heights.

Mostly women and children civilians are looking for shelter near the Jordanian border.

Government forces in south Syria have advanced along the Jordanian border, seizing a string of villages.

After securing areas around the capital this year, President Bashar Al Assad last month turned to the south, launching a bombing campaign on rebel areas on June 19. The regime forces include Iranian and Lebanese Hizbullah elements.

The SOHR said smoke columns could be seen rising from burning properties the town of Saida, located to the east of Daraa city and was re-captured by government forces this week.

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