Trump says N Korea very serious on nuclear negotiations

Trump says N Korea very serious on nuclear negotiations

Trump says N Korea very serious on nuclear negotiations

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in charge of nailing down the specifics on North Korean denuclearization.

At the June 12 summit, Kim committed to the "complete" denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula while Trump promised to provide security guarantees to Pyongyang. Pompeo, who has taken a leading role in negotiations with the North Korean leader, has said it may take years to implement an agreement that would eliminate the nation's nuclear stockpile. The content of this image is as provided and can not be independently verified.

A team of USA officials led by envoy Sung Kim met with North Korean officials Sunday at Panmunjom, the border village between North and South Korea in the demilitarized zone, in the first face-to-face conversations between the two countries since the summit last month according senior State Department officials.

This undated and undisclosed picture released by Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) via KNS shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspecting 1524 Unit of North Korea's People's army.

The Wall Street Journal, citing satellite imagery, reports that the bulk of the new construction at the facility in the North Korean city of Hamhung took place in April and June, around the time Kim was meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, and later with Trump.

The United States has a plan that would lead to the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs in a year.

The president - who tweeted after the summit that "there is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea" - said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he believes Kim is honest, although he acknowledged a deal may not work out.

Bolton, who has expressed hard-line views on North Korea, said that if Pyongyang has made a decision to give up its nuclear weapons program and is cooperative, then "we can move very quickly" and they can win sanctions relief and aid from South Korea and Japan. "Then the elimination of sanctions, aid by South Korea and Japan and others can all begin to flower".

The White House said Monday that U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would depart for Pyongyang on Thursday for talks on North Korea's nuclear program, after a spate of reports that it may not intend to fully give up its arsenal.

A USA delegation led by US ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim met with North Korean counterparts at Panmunjom on the border between North and South Korea on Sunday to discuss next steps on the implementation of the summit declaration, the State Department said. "I think they want to do it", he said in a prerecorded interview on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" programme.

Over the weekend NBC News first reported that Pyongyang has in fact recently been increasing fuel production for nuclear weapons at several hidden sites.

Given North Korea's long history of deception, such reports are likely to raise more questions about exactly what was achieved at Singapore.

"We have developed a program ... about really how to dismantle all of their WMD and ballistic missile programs in a year", Bolton said. They say any solid deal will require Kim to be completely transparent about his program - at a time when intelligence reports suggest he will try to deceive the United States about the extent of his covert weapons or facilities.

Analyst Hong Min at Seoul's Korea Institute for National Unification downplayed the significance of the new disclosures, saying Pyongyang and Washington haven't yet agreed on detailed disarmament steps the North is obliged to take.

"This is not like North Korea cheating or deceiving the US because they've made no commitments".

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