Trump visit latest: Baby blimp takes to sky over London

The Women’s March in London in 2017

The Women’s March in London in 2017

"Trump Baby", a giant inflatable blimp created to protest President Donald Trump's visit to the United Kingdom, flew high in the sky opposite the Houses of Parliament on Friday, before tens of thousands braved the English heat to march against the USA leader, culminating in a rally marked by speeches, song and rap.

The visit wrapped up before President Trump and May's news conference at her official country estate, where he denied ever criticizing the prime minister - not long after a British tabloid published an interview that included his biting criticism of aspects of her leadership. As reported by CNN, Murray said, "I feel like once we got to the point where we have a head of state who is suspending due process for some of the world's most vulnerable people and snatching babies from their parents at the border and locking them in cages - at that point I don't think we need to be civil to this man". The Stop Trump Coalition, which was behind that event, said that 250,000 people attended, many of them in fancy dress, including several dressed up as Trump. I actually told Theresa May how to do it, but she didn't listen to me."Asked about that interview, Trump said he had not criticised May, lavishing praise on "a terrific woman", who was smart, tough and capable".

Security teams have put massive preparations into place for Trump's visit.

Khan questioned in an interview with the BBC on Friday why Trump was criticizing him and not the mayors of other European cities that have also been the victims of terrorism. "I said he'd be a great prime minister. Most of those marching on Friday will love the United States, just as I do", Khan said.

"We think it's important that the United Kingdom stand up against someone with a lack of morals like Donald Trump", Murgatroyd told CBS, wanting him to know "that he's not welcome". Many condemned Trump's anti-immigration statements and policies. "We wanted to embarrass him and I think we have done that today".

The agenda for Trump and May on Friday includes discussion on relations with Russian Federation, ahead of a summit in Finland on Monday between Trump and President Vladimir Putin. Anti-Trump protesters lined the road up to the building, but it is unlikely the Trumps - who arrived via helicopter - saw them.

Trump reportedly said he felt unwelcome in the British capital.

"The only thing I ask of Theresa is that we make sure we can trade and we don't have any restrictions because we want to trade with the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom wants to trade with us", he said. An old slang term, "trump", has gained new prominence as the American politician rose to power.

Mrs. Trump split off from her husband Friday morning for the solo outing to the hospital, which dates from over 300 years ago to the reign of King Charles II. "He is thankful for the wonderful welcome from the Prime Minister here in the U.K".

She ended the visit with a game of bowls with May, the children and the veterans.

Her trip to Europe with U.S. President Donald Trump marked the former model's return to the worldwide stage after she was hospitalized for a kidney condition in May and dropped out of public sight for almost a month. The U.S. has always stood by our side as a beacon for tolerance, openness and respect. May's government faced high-profile defections last weekend over her proposal for a "soft" departure from the European Union.

The top French diplomat spoke as Trump is paying a tumultuous trip to Europe. She praised the friendship between the two allies, glossing over Trump's previous remarks that Britain was a "hot spot" in turmoil over Brexit.

President Donald Trump is continuing to court controversy during his trip to Europe. Protests are also planned at locations including Windsor, where Trump will meet with Queen Elizabeth II.

The six-metre high blow-up caricature depicting Mr Trump as a baby wearing a nappy and clutching a mobile phone was given the green light by the Greater London Authority to fly near Parliament. The president is also arguing that Europe is "losing its culture" because of immigration.

Trump is questioning May's handling of Brexit in an interview with The Sun newspaper and blaming London's mayor for terror attacks against the city.

"The idea that you can blame this on immigration from Africa is, I think, preposterous, and we should call him out when he does so", Khan told BBC radio on Friday.

Trump says May's former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, would make an "excellent" prime minister, speaking just days after Johnson resigned his position in protest of May's Brexit plans.

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