Waitress body-slams customer after he groped her, surveillance video shows

A waitress at a restaurant called Vinnie Van Go-Go's in Savannah Ga. served up a whooping to a disrespectful patron

Waitress body-slams customer after he groped her, surveillance video shows

A viral video shows a Palm Bay, Florida man being immediately taken down by a waitress after he groped her at a pizzeria in Savannah, Georgia last month.

CCTV footage of the incident shows Ryan sneakily grabbing Emelia's butt as he walks past her.

The pervert is then slammed hard against the wall before his body crumples on a nearby chair.

The alleged groper was arrested the next day.

Cherwinski was arrested and charged with sexual battery, according to the Savannah Morning News.

Commenting on the waitress's response, one Reddit user said: "So she's a server.... of justice". "There was no doubt that he did it", Holden says, adding that customers nearby gave her high-five. "I took the guy down and had my co-workers call the police", she said. The incident, which was recorded on a CCTV camera installed at the location, got social media's attention after it went viral.

Ryan Cherwinsk i arrested after groping waitress

Emelia said: "I just did what I felt was best".

Holden told People she at first thought one of her friends had touched her because it was "really intimate". I just reacted. I don't know how I reacted the way I did.

'His hand went further than it should have so I was thinking, there's no way a stranger just did that. Cherwinski reportedly told officers that he didn't mean to touch the waitress and that he was only trying to get her to move out of his way.

After reviewing the surveillance footage taken inside the restaurant, police arrested Cherwinski and handed him over to the Chatham County Sheriff's Office on June 30.

"You have every right to stand up for yourself regardless of what you are wearing", she told Inside Edition. "You also have the right to wear whatever you want without having to worry about being groped".

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