Warframe blasting onto the Nintendo Switch

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Warframe blasting onto the Nintendo Switch

Co-operative multiplayer sci-fi shooter Warframe is coming to Nintendo Switch, according to an announcement made by developer and publisher Digital Extremes on Saturday. Hopefully they'll continue to find better ways to organize and display content so that great games aren't lost in the avalanche of new releases each week.

The same developer that ported Doom and Wolfenstein II to Switch are bring much loved free-to-play title Warframe to Nintendo's console. The free-to-play shooter is regularly in Steam's top 10 most played games, and it's not doing too badly on the PS4 or Xbox One either.

- 2K has confirmed that the WWE 2K19 video game will not be released for Nintendo Switch. Waking from cryo-sleep, you're tasked with trying to restore order to the solar system, using your Warframe armour and hundreds of weapons with thousands of customisations to try and do so.

During its third annual convention this weekend, Digital Extremes announced the next expansion to arrive for Warframe which follows on from last year's expansion, Plains of Eidolon. The game also gives players the ability to join clans, tame animals, upgrade armour and explore a huge open world - what's not to like?

The game is a good fit for the Switch - a decent pick-up-and-play title you can tackle in short bursts - and as such we're excited about seeing it hit the hybrid console.

After that, another update called Codename: Railjack will introduce cooperative spaceship combat in an ambitious ground-to-space setup.

Coordinate Your Space Crew - Pilot the ship and over the whole battle, man a turret, manage the shields, make repairs, and work as a team to capture and conquer other hostile spacecraft. Take out enemy cannons and board enemy ships to confront and eliminate swarming soldiers. Those days are in the past, and now Nintendo's latest hardware can play most of the games other platforms can without an unbearable graphical sacrifice. Take out their core reactors, eliminate their crew, and emerge victorious!

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