WhatsApp offers tips to identify fake news



"Starting today, WhatsApp will indicate which messages you receive have been forwarded to you". WhatsApp will also warn the users with a message about the suspicious link as follows: "This link contains unusual characters".

And whether any information would be sent to external servers?

According to WABetaInfo, a new feature called Suspicious Link Detection has been added to beta version 2.18.204 that analyzes and labels outgoing links that may redirect to a fake or website other than what is represented.

The Suspicious Link Detection feature is still under development before it gets rolled out on a wider scale. WhatsApp will analyze all the links received via messages and will detect the suspicious ones.

In the last month or so, officials have talked about a WhatsApp ban and ordered WhatsApp group admins to register with the government.

While forwarding the link to a group or any other user, the alert shall be shown once again.

Whatsapp Under Fire For Spam, Fake News!

Deep disapproval of such developments has been conveyed to the senior management of the WhatsApp and they have been advised that necessary remedial measures should be taken to prevent proliferation of these fake and at times motivated/sensational messages. We can anticipate WhatsApp to launch this function shortly. Messages will be highlighted to make a difference that the message was not typed out but just forwarded.

With the ad, Whatsapp puts the onus on community members to check for fake and incorrect information.

This new feature will join a host of new ways to use WhatsApp after recent updates rolled out to the 1.8 billion plus users of the service.

Cautioning its users about fake news, the ad shared things to keep in mind at the time of receiving and sharing the messages.

Whatsapp had also told the government that it is "horrified by these awful acts of violence" and its strategy to deal with the situation involves giving people the controls and information they need to stay safe while working pro-actively to prevent misuse of the service.

Last week, a 'Suspicious Link Detection' feature was also spotted on WhatsApp that is created to highlight the presence of a suspicious link in a message.

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