Why love heart shape sunglasses are a perfect accessory for this summer?

Love heart-shaped sunglasses are growing to become a trend this next summer. The fashion industry is encouraging its use, that is why we are seeing famous artists publicly using them as a mean of advertisement. Many people may think that heart-shaped shades are a modern fad, but this is false. First time someone wore one of these was in the fifties in UK. Back then it was only acceptable for women to wear them. Short after, in the sixties, a famous movie called “Lolita” showed up and skyrocketed the use of love heart-shaped sunglasses. The movie directed by Stanley Kubrick was played by Sue Lyon, who turned popular her heart-shaped sunglasses as a fashion trend. Since then, this type of sunglasses has not disappeared from the fashion world. They showed up again during the seventies and then the nineties. Right now, they continue to be a large phenomenon all over the world.

Summer weather invites you to face the sun, and dress according to it. So, the best way to get in that summer mood, is to start rocking your very own heart-shaped sunglasses. They make you look younger and happier. These glasses will catch everybody’s attention for the entire season. During summer, it is usual and more comfortable to wear freshly looking and light clothes which perfectly match a pair of love heart shaped sunglasses.

Many people say summer is also “the” season to flirt. Excellent weather, beaches and vacations make it the perfect occasion. Buy your love heart-shaped sunglasses and you immediately get a flirty look on your face. Since this specific type of sunglasses is dramatic in some manner, you will have lots of people constantly paying attention to you. Handling all of this attention can be a gruesome task, but it is definitely an advantage if you are looking for some “quality time” for the season.

Another reason to wear a love heart-shaped sunglasses is to support your favorite singer or actress. It is completely normal to follow your idols’ fashion style. Lately, fans of Madonna, Emmy Rossum, Kelly Osborne, Lady Gaga and Lily Cole have shown their support during concerts by wearing heart-shaped shades.

Besides all these reasons, love heart-shaped sunglasses protect your eyes from UV radiation. Always look for shades with 99% protection against UVB and 95% against UVA. Sun radiation during the summer get higher than during any other time of the year. Hence, it is necessary to extreme measures in order to protect your eyes. You can do that and still remain stylish with a pair of love heart-shaped sunglasses.

Fashion can be a very interesting phenomenon. Last year, you may remember the Ray-Bans fever. It turns out that this year is the time for the heart-shape sunglasses reign. If you get a chance and the money (even though this type of sunglasses is quite affordable), just get your pair of heart-shape sunglasses. Join the trend, meet new friends and above-all, enjoy this summer.

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