With Widespread Support, Lopez Obrador Wins Mexico’s Presidency

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Pedro Pardo AFP Getty Images

Olga Sanchez Cordero, a retired Supreme Court judge who was expected to be named interior secretary if Lopez Obrador wins, recently told Reforma newspaper that the amnesty would be a "pacification strategy" that would shield some low-level criminals who grow, use and transport narcotics.

The Texas Association of Business was making plans Monday to travel with a large business and political delegation to either Mexico City or Monterrey this summer to meet with Lopez Obrador's transition team."We want to be very, very clear of our strong Texas-Mexico trade relations", said Jeff Mosely, CEO of the association, which past year formed the Texas-Mexico Trade Coalition to help lobbying efforts between both sides.

Lopez Obrador previously vowed to throw the energy reform out but now says contracts merely will be reviewed for any illegalities. "This situation has to be changed".

Lopez Obrador won thanks to overwhelming anger at the status quo and his success at presenting himself as an agent of change.

"They can help us until we straighten out our immigration laws, which have been bad for many, many years - decades, and we're going to have them taken care of", the president said. Sunday's elections for posts at every level of government are Mexico's largest ever and have become a referendum on corruption, graft and other tricks used to divert taxpayer money to officials' pockets and empty those of the country's poor.

But Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, suggested that the Republican president could find common ground with Lopez Obrador, predicting "some surprising results".

Mexico's new president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he would pursue friend and foe alike in a crackdown on corruption after voters handed him a powerful mandate for government with a landslide election victory on Sunday. "We represent modernity forged from below".

The United States, which works closely with Mexican law enforcement in its fight against drug cartels, was tired of a softening of Mexico's security policies. Its candidate, Jose Antonio Meade, has experience in several areas of government - including the treasury and foreign relations departments - and that convinced some voters like Roman Acosta, a doctor from the western city of Morelia. "I think the relationship will be a very good one", he said - qualifying the comment as he often does by saying, "We'll see what happens".

Ricardo Anaya, National Action Party (PAN), 24 percent.

Meanwhile, for the first time in a decade and a half, Mexican public opinion of the United States turned overwhelmingly negative.

Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, 60, is running as an independent. Without the big party machinery it was an uphill battle.

Obrador's coalition is also striving to win a congressional majority and six of the nine governorships on the ballot, Yahoo News reported.

President Nieto, who took office in 2012, continued this trend, going out of his way to please his American counterparts. Lopez Obrador's supporters began wild celebrations in Mexico City, cruising up and down the central Paseo de la Reforma boulevard honking horns to the tune of "Viva Mexico!" and waving Mexican flags from auto windows and moon roofs. His allies are warning even before Sunday's presidential vote that there better not be any amusing business.

Compared with his predecessors, Lopez Obrador is likely to be more focused on domestic economic issues than on settling trade issues with the United States, O'Neil said.

The United States Border Patrol on Sunday allowed reporters to briefly visit the facility where it holds families arrested at the southern U.S. border, responding to questions over the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy.

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