Fetus discovered on plane from Charlotte to NY

An cabin lavatory in a airplane

An cabin lavatory in a airplane

Authorities in NY are investigating after a fetus was found in a toilet aboard an American Airlines flight at La Guardia Airport early Tuesday morning.

The gruesome discovery was made around 7:30 a.m. aboard an out-of-service American Airlines flight at Hangar 5, the sources said.

The plane was in a hangar and had arrived in NY from Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday night.

The fetus was discovered by airline cleaning staff in a restroom aboard American Airlines Flight 1942 after it landed, the official told the Observer.

American Airlines has confirmed an investigation is underway, and released the following statement. That activity caused some brief delays pushing back other aircraft.

Port Authority Police declined to comment when contacted by DailyMail.com on Tuesday morning.

Recent reports indicate a fetus was found inside a plane bathroom Tuesday morning. One passenger, who asked to remain anonymous, said they couldn't believe it.

A spokesman for American Airlines said that the incident is under investigation. "I think it's very bad".

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