Kanye West denies he was stumped by Trump question

Donald Trump and Kanye West made a splash with surprise meeting in December 2016

Donald Trump and Kanye West made a splash with surprise meeting in December 2016

Kanye stops for a moment and thinks about his answer before Kimmel announces that they would be cutting to commercial break.

On Twitter, West explained "The question was so important I took time to think".

Tatum added on Sunday that people should not dismiss West because he - like Trump - represents overcoming great odds to succeed. I'm reading that I was stumped by a question. "Let me clarify the click bait", he tweeted. "It makes me wonder, what makes you think that Donald Trump does. or any people at all?"

West considered the question, sitting silently without answering before Kimmel took a commercial break.

This summer alone, the rapper found himself in hot water after declaring his support for President Trump, making insensitive comments about slavery, and offering TMI about his porn preferences on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He lead with love. "I appreciate Jimmy and his team", Kanye wrote. "You guys are Jedi's. much love", West tweeted.

Kanye West has shared some TMI information about how he really feels about Kim Kardashian's family, having revealed that he "would smash" all four of his wife's sisters given the opportunity.

Kimmel, 50, then asked him if having daughters has made the Gold Digger hitmaker change his views on women.

'Just as a musician, African American, everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me and then told me that I couldn't say that I like Trump, ' he said. He did not answer when Kimmel asked if the rapper thought Trump cares about black people, or any people at all.

He still hasn't answered Kimmel's question. And that's when you get these comments that just shoot out, nearly like Tourette's'.

"Damn, those is your sisters / You did something unholy to them pictures", Kanye raps at another point in the song.

The song marks West's first release since his barrage of five albums by or produced by him released within five weeks: Pusha T's "Daytona", his own "Ye" - celebrated with an all-star listening session in Wyoming - his Kids See Ghosts collaboration with Kid Cudi, Nas' "Nasir" and arguably the best of the batch, Teyana Taylor's "K.T.S.E".

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