Pence unveils plans for "Space Force"

Pentagon to create new command for fighting in space but resists Trump's proposed 'space force'

President Trump’s plan for a new military service focused on space-based operations faces an uncertain future

"Until we have those same needs in space, the Air Force and the other services are doing all the things we need to do".

Proponents of the plan claim a US Space Force is necessary because China and Russian Federation, the US' biggest military rivals, both have a dedicated military branch focused on space.

Pence announced the project in a speech at the Pentagon yesterday, saying something about threats from China and Russian Federation.

A campaign email is asking Trumpers to vote on one of six Space Force logos that will be emblazoned on future Trump campaign items.

He then went on to play a video of the US President discussing the new military branch from 'stardate March 13, where supreme leader Trump addressed a confused planet. This came after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis voiced skepticism on the need for a separate Space Force.

But Mattis signaled earlier this week that establishing a combatant command was a possibility.

"Creating a new branch of the military is not a simple process", Pence noted.

Finally, the Pentagon would also establish a US Space Command to be led by a four-star general or flag officer, he said.

The Pentagon's plan, released Thursday, identifies China and Russian Federation as "strategic competitors" that are "explicitly pursuing space war fighting capabilities to neutralize U.S space capabilities in a time of conflict". It has 38,000 personnel and operates 185 military satellite systems. In his speech today, Pence said part of the reason is that space is becoming a battleground. Next year's budget will seek funding and authorization for the venture.

"We're building bipartisan support for our plan", he said. Both the Republican chairman and the highest ranking Democrat on the House armed services subcommittee also came out in support of creating the force, but it has plenty of critics in Congress as well.

But the Trump administration is moving full steam ahead with its plans for a sixth military branch. The US wants to send robots to the Moon next year as a first step towards the return of astronauts to the Earth's satellite for the first time since 1972.

The proposed sixth branch of the us military will "confront the emerging threats in the boundless expanse of space" according to Pence. It already contains a Space Command, which it established in 1982. Created in 1982, it is headquartered at Peterson air force base in Colorado and oversees 30,000 people.

"It's actually a very bad idea", he said. "It will disrupt existing military relationships and add nothing of value".

"Like the other military branches, the Space Force will organize, train, and equip forces to protect national security interests in the physical domain of space".

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