Red Dead Redemption 2's first gameplay footage

You're darn tootin we'll be watching

You’re darn tootin’ we’ll be watching

From story teasers and screenshot drops to crossover content with GTA, we've all been collectively on the lookout for more content. We've seen multiple cinematic trailers, but today Rockstar gave us our very first look at how the game will play.

Rockstar and Take-Two have been maddeningly cagey about Red Dead Redemption 2 PC, the continued popularity of GTA Online on Steam makes prospects for the port good, though it's still as yet unconfirmed. A narrator goes over everything throughout the video, explaining important information about what people are seeing.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the previous entry in the series, set in the late 1890s. We wouldn't mind another, though.

The game is an attempt to capture this pivotal moment when the age of outlaws was ending, and the modern world was born. Ready for some Wild West rowdiness now that you've seen more of RDR2? This one showcases some proper in-game footage, featuring protagonist and Van der Linde gang outlaw Arthur Morgan. In Red Dead Redemption 2, your interactions with people matter.

As well as just gawking at the graphics the trailer has plenty of new info and focuses on the giant open world environment and how you can interact with other people.

Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis of the gameplay trailer. These are the people Arthur calls family, and you will get to know each gang member over the course of the game.

The video above lays out some of the core components of "Red Dead Redemption 2", including gun fights, interaction with non-player characters, hand-to-hand combat, a morality system, trading, and horse management.

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