The New York Public Library Is Turning Classics Into Instagram Stories

New York Public Library turns classic novels into Insta Stories

NYC Library is posting classic novels to Instagram for you to read

You've still got to hold your finger/thumb on the screen while you read, but they've even thought of that.

The new initiative, Insta Novels, is meant to spark love and appreciation for reading that may lead to more visits to the library, according to a NYPL spokesperson.

Reading an Insta Novel is as easy as, well. watching any other Insta Story.

There is music to accompany the Instagram literature, so if you're watching in an actual library, do not forget to wear your headphones.

The program, created by Mother in New York and developed in partnership with the New York Public Library, aims to make some of the greatest stories ever written more accessible to every New Yorker and Instagram user. It fits very well with my work: "surrealism, scenes that break the logic, disproportion, morphings, and unexpected events".

But, young readers scroll through Instagram more than they browse the Kindle store. So, the library wants to put books where kids will actually read them: Instagram. These pages, typically filled with lines of verse, pop up one by one, bringing nonsensical poems like Alice's famed meditation on "How doth the little crocodile / Improve his shining tail" to life.

The library worked with creative agency Mother in NY to produce the content.

A library in NY wants to make classic novels more appealing to a younger generation of readers using social media. In the coming months, however, the NYPL plans to release reimagined versions of Franz Kafka's philosophical novella, The Metamorphosis, and Charlotte Perkin Gilman's proto-feminist short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper".

Carrie Welch, NYPL's chief external relations officer, said in a statement that the Kafka work represents how the library is "completely transforming the way people look at this popular social media platform, and reimagining the way people access the classics".

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