Woman lost contact lens, found it in her eyelid 28 years later

Surgeons at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee thought the swelling on their patient’s eyelid was a cyst

Surgeons at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee thought the swelling on their patient’s eyelid was a cyst

She had the cyst surgically removed, which is when the doctors discovered something unusual, a contact lens.

The contact lens was fully intact, preserved inside the tissue.

An MRI revealed a tiny cyst just above her eye, which doctors removed. Instead, at age 42, she visited an ophthalmologist for what she thought was an unrelated problem: Her left eyelid had been swollen and drooping for about six months, and doctors could feel a small lump under the skin, according to a report of her case, published August 10 in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

The drooping, doctors said, was due to the embedded contact lens. The doctors operated on the cyst and found inside a contact lens.

Reportedly, when the woman was 14, she had an accident while playing badminton and was hit by a shuttlecock right on her eye.

It follows another ocular oddity where a pensioner scheduled for cataract surgery in 2016 was found to have a total of 27 contact lenses in one of her eyes.

The woman was bewildered. She wore hard rigid contacts at the time and the contact in the injured eye was never found. She and her family assumed it fell out when she was hit because it wasn't in her eye anymore and she didn't show any symptoms. The last time she used such a contact? The case of was also reported n BMJ Case Reports.

Her more recent problems subsided after the wayward lens was removed. Doctors recently removed a contact lens that was embedded in a woman's eyelid for almost three decades after she was hit in the eye while playing badminton. The doctors noticed her eyelid drooped a bit.

RGP stands for rigid gas permeable contacts.

Here's a suggestion from the doctors on this case: Tell your eye doctor about any past eye trauma, and if you have any swelling, ask the doc to check for wayward contacts.

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