6 people are dead after shooting spree in California

The man shot dead his wife and four men in Bakersfield in Southern California. Source Reuters

One man was shot outside a sports store near a trucking company where the gunman killed two others. Source ReutersMore

The gunman opened fire on a third person who reportedly approached the scene.

The killer showed up at a trucking business with his wife where he confronted a man.

Then, he went to a residence near Breckenridge Road and Mesquite Lane where he confronted a man and a woman before shooting and killing them.

The man killed his wife and a man at a trucking company in Bakersfield, California, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said.

Following the shooting at the home, the gunman carjacked a vehicle with a woman and child inside.

"Six people lost their lives in a very short period of time", he said.

Youngblood said Casarez told the officer he didn't want to live before shooting himself in the stomach with a Smith & Wesson handgun.

He then hijacked a auto from a woman and her baby, drove around a mile and killed himself as cops approached him.

He added that it's possible Cazares had forced his ex-wife to go to T&T Trucking.

He did not disclose the identities of the victims.

The gunman saw the deputy and pulled into a parking lot. There is no information yet if the other four were related to the attacker. When the deputy confronted him at gunpoint the man shot himself in the chest, the sheriff said.

Youngblood has also clarified that one of the victims was Casarez's former wife, 45-year-old Petra Maribel Bolanos De Casarez.

Although the gunman's motive remained under investigation, the sheriff said that the incident had "implications of domestic violence".

As the deputy closed in, yelling at Casarez to drop his gun, Casarez fatally shot himself in the stomach, according to graphic body camera footage released by police on Facebook.

"Obviously, these are not random shootings", Youngblood told KERO-TV.

At Thursday's news conference, Youngblood described the incident as part of a nationwide trend.

Police received their first call at 5.19 pm before responding to the first location, a trucking company, where the rampage began.

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