Activists Raise Over $800,000 So Susan Collins Won't Support Kavanaugh

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Activists Raise Over $800,000 So Susan Collins Won't Support Kavanaugh

The senator from ME castigated progressive opponents for attempting to "bribe" her into voting against Brett Kavanaugh by promising not to spend the $1.3 million they've raised against her if she voted nay.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has received 3,000 coat hangers in the mail.

Mainers for Accountable Leadership (MFAL) and the Maine People's Alliance are fundraising to oppose Collins in 2020, asking donors to pledge funds that they will only be charged if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

Abortion advocates fear that with Kavanaugh on the high court, Roe v. Wade could be overturned. Collins will make up her mind based on the merits of the nomination.

Susan Collins is one of the senators who far-right wingnuts and Tea Party extremists like to call a RINO: Republican In Name Only.

The Boston Globe said in an editorial yesterday: "Kavanaugh's obvious hostility to abortion rights is alarming".

Most senators' votes for or against Kavanaugh are foregone conclusions, but the Senate's two openly pro-abortion Republicans, Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, could potentially sink his nomination.

"There's some very abusive callers that we've had, some very vulgar calls and sort of harassing the staff", Steve Abbott, Collins' chief of staff, said, according to Portland, Maine, NBC affiliate WCSH.

Collins is facing pressure from activists in other ways as well.

The senator and her Republican colleagues are decrying the effort in ME as attempted bribery, as attention shifts from Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings to the question of how lawmakers will vote on his nomination. "Threats or other attempts to bully her will not play a factor in her decision making whatsoever". At Rewire.News, Katelyn Burns calls the story of "Kelly Gregory [, who] is a Tennessee resident living with stage 4 terminal breast cancer [,]... emblematic of what is at stake for many people in the United States when it comes to health care, and that's exactly why Sens". "She has to vote NO on Kavanaugh!". But if Manchin voted against Kavanaugh, Morrissey would no doubt use that issue against him in attack ads. "We will continue to participate in our democracy", she said.

But negative marks from Planned Parenthood could damage Collins and Murkowski, and the family planning provider is planning to "score" the Senate's vote on Kavanaugh. It also would have little impact on Kavanaugh's confirmation unless two holdout Republicans - including Maine U.S. Sen.

In 2014, Collins ran as a pro-choice Republican, receiving the support of groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Should Collins vote against Kavanaugh, all the money will be returned to donors.

"Senators hold the keys to women's fundamental freedoms in their hands", NARAL president Ilyse Hogue said in a statement.

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