Alabama's Nick Saban apologizes to reporter

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Alabama's Nick Saban apologizes to reporter

"I think both guys can help our team, all right?" he said. The sophomore was 12-of-16 for 227 yards and two touchdowns through the air and posted 26 rushing yards with a touchdown on the ground. Tagovailoa would return to the game and rush for a 9-yard score later in the quarter. He then quickly turned up the cranky factor to 11. So why do you continually try to get me to say something that doesn't respect one of them?

Saban, who has been answering questions about his quarterback situation since he switched to Tagovailoa in the national title game in January, snapped in frustration at once again being asked (again a good, and fair question) about picking a QB and sticking with one. He played so well, in fact, that it's easy to see how he'll be Alabama's primary QB throughout the season.

Tua Tagovailoa started the game over Jalen Hurts and ended up getting the majority of the playing time.

Saban has been around long enough to know how this works.

Taylor, a UGA Grady College grad, is one of the best sideline reporters in football. Absolutely, but this is just how Saban is. Taylor handled it like a seasoned pro though, and moved on to the next question.

Only in Alabama is a coach this frustrated after winning 51-14.

"What answers did you have about your quarterbacks after watching both of them play tonight?" she asked.

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