Andrew Cuomo easily defeats Cynthia Nixon in NY gubernatorial primary

The 10th circle of hell

The 10th circle of hell

"I just don't believe it", the city council speaker, Corey Johnson, said on Wednesday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo overcame a primary challenge from activist and actress Cynthia Nixon on Thursday, thwarting her attempt to become the latest insurgent liberal to knock off an establishment Democrat.

Nixon leapt on what she denounced as a smear campaign, pointing out that she was bringing up two of her children Jewish and attended synagogue.

"It is hard to go up against the Cuomo machine and it takes an enormous amount of bravery, but we are exhausted of the status Cuomo", she added.

Part of that reform includes paroling and expunging the records of New Yorkers who were convicted of smoking or selling pot and using tax revenues from a nascent (decriminalized) weed industry to invest in communities that have been ravaged by the decades-long war on drugs.

"What the polls are not capturing and what the media is not capturing is this progressive moment we're in", said Nixon.

"Governor Cuomo was bitter and divisive until the very end", said Senior Campaign Strategist Rebecca Katz in a statement. Cuomo has said she is inexperienced and naive.

Now the New York Times reports that the flier was drafted and approved by two men with close ties to Cuomo. Unsuccessful in the challenge, and in a subsequent race for New York's 19th Congressional District seat in 2016, Teachout is now in the midst of a tight race for the state's Democratic attorney general nomination.

He's spent millions on ads and tried to make the race about Republican President Donald Trump, arguing that he's the best qualified to govern and push back against the White House. Bernie Sanders, who has also endorsed Williams. Meanwhile, corruption in Albany and voters' frustration with it have not subsided. Leecia Eve, a former Cuomo aide, was in fourth.

But ex-Syracuse mayor and former state Democratic co-chair Stephanie Miner, who's making an independent run for governor, on Tuesday described the campaign email and the party mailer as a "coordinated attack".

NY has a notoriously opaque voting system.

"The key for the governor is making sure that on a Thursday primary, a day that voters are not necessarily used to voting, that he gets his supporters to the polls", Siena pollster Steven Greenberg said in a telephone interview.

But primaries also present unique problems in polling compared to general elections because voting patterns are more erratic, according to political consultant Scott Levenson. Dealing with state corruption was the only issue that likely Democratic primary voters saw Nixon doing a better job on than Cuomo in the September 10 Siena poll, 42-39 percent. Several people who showed up to their normal polling places were not on the rolls when they arrived, and therefore had to vote by filling out an affidavit ballot.

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