Best Reason to Upgrade to iPhone XS? The LTE Speeds

Kuo expects the new iPhones to be slightly more successful than last year's models, projecting 75-80 million shipped units until the end of 2018.

Earlier this week, we saw the unveiling of three new iPhones - iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR along with Apple Watch 4 at the Apple Fall Event held in Cupertino. The iPhone X and iPhone 8, meanwhile, sport 2x2 MIMO. Watch this unboxing and first impression video to know more.

This accessory costs just $9 and Apple is charging not just a premium for the iPhone Xs Max, but customers will have to head out and purchase the adapter as well as a fast charger.

When Roberts asked Cook whether a group of people were being priced out with the new iPhones, which see some models starting at $1100 United States dollars, the Apple CEO responded to say the new model was "the most advanced iPhone we've ever built".

In his latest note, a copy of which was obtained by Apple Insider, Kuo notes that Apple's "high-price strategy" appears to be paying off, citing how iPhone XS Max launch shipments, in particular, have thus far been pushed back into October, depending on color, carrier, and configuration.

The reason for these speed bumps is not only the new modem with LAA support - which can make use of unlicensed radio spectrum in the 5 GHz band - but a 4x4 MIMO antenna that allows the iPhone Xs to quadruple the the number of internet data signals over four different aerials.

Here's a guide to the full hardware range Apple launched last week. The Xs starts at $999 while the Xs Max has a $1,099 price tag.

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