British jihadists must flee Syria or fight as Idlib offensive looms

Assad'has been warned on Idlib chemical use Mattis

Assad'has been warned on Idlib chemical use Mattis

Several Middle East TV channels and a U.S. news channel have been sent to Jisr al-Shughur in Syria's Idlib Governorate to produce the footage needed for the provocation, a statement by the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation said.

On Friday, the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey failed to agree during the Tehran summit on how to stave off military action on the northwestern province.

The U.N. envoy for Syria hosted key diplomats from Iran, Russia and Turkey on Tuesday to discuss work toward rewriting the country's constitution, amid concerns about a possibly devastating military offensive on rebel-held Idlib province.

And perhaps more alarming is that the report details that Trump is undecided over whether new retaliatory strikes could entail expanding the attack to hit Assad allies Russian Federation and Iran this time around.

Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said it was the heaviest bombardment since August 10, when at least 53 civilians were killed in Idlib and the neighbouring province of Aleppo.

Idlib is largely controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, an alliance led by Al-Qaeda's former Syrian affiliate, as well as rival rebels.

"I also want to reiterate what I said last week to the Assad regime and anyone else contemplating the use of chemical weapons in Syria", Haley added.

Some three million people live in the zone now, about half of them already displaced by the brutal seven-year war and others heavily dependent on humanitarian aid to survive.

Members of the Syrian Civil Defence (known as the White Helmets) clear rubble following reported government bombings on the town of al-Hobait on the southern edges of the rebel-held Idlib province. Any fight against terrorists requires methods based on time and patience.

"The new policy is we're no longer pulling out by the end of the year", Jeffrey said, according to the Washington Post.

Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov, meanwhile, said Moscow had "irrefutable information" that Syrian rebels were planning a "provocation" in Idlib province to justify western intervention. About 2,000 USA troops are now operating in Syria, a lot of them in the eastern region of the country. Turkey has troops and 12 observations points that ring Idlib.

Moscow has also warned that terrorists are getting prepared to stage another chemical attack in Idlib to give U.S. enough evidence to attack.

The attack, which came in response to what the USA and its allies insisted was another chemical attack in Douma, on the outskirts of Damascus, saw 105 cruise missiles being fired from sea and air at Syrian government targets. "The consequences of inaction are immense" Erdogan said.

Although no decision has been made to strike Assad's forces, he noted that the president "expects us to have military options, and we have provided updates to him on the development of those military options". Stop Assad's assault on Idlib. Occasional clashes erupt there over turf control and authority, reflecting deepening political tension between the uneasy partners.

Elsewhere on Saturday, clashes between Kurdish forces and regime fighters in the divided northeastern city of Qamishli killed 18 combatants, the Kurdish forces and the Observatory said.

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