Eagles fans kick of 2018 National Football League season at Penn's Landing


Eagles fans kick of 2018 National Football League season at Penn's Landing

The NFL is hosting it's 2018 Kickoff on Philadelphia's waterfront at Columbus Boulevard and Market Street.

The Eagles went back into their bag of tricks in their win over the Falcons, calling the Philly Special - this time called Philly Philly - in the third quarter to get the offense going.

The Eagles ended their Week 1 assignment the same way they finished 2017, as they eked out an 18-12 win over Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

There will be a lot of pressure on Matt Ryan.

After the game, Pederson shared name the name of the play that is sure to sit well with Eagles fans. After the game, it was revealed that the play was actually "Philly Philly", borrowed from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who tried - and failed - to run it in the Super Bowl. With owner Jeff Lurie by his side, Dawkins then led a chorus of "Fly Eagles Fly", accompanied by more than 70,000 fans. Jones only had three TD catches last season.

Well on Thursday night in front of a nationally televised audience, the Falcons were this close to providing me with the flawless ammo. And while this game won't be remembered as the most well-played game of all time, it will definitely be remembered for the Eagles coming up with something "special" to start the season off with a victory.

Welcome back: Several key Eagles returned to the lineup after suffering season-ending injuries on the road to the Super Bowl a year ago. Compare that with the comfort of the Super Bowl, which of course was played indoors in Minneapolis, not in the Arctic conditions outside the Vikings' home stadium.

In what had to be a disappointing night for both NBC and the National Football League, the Falcons and Eagles played a fairly ugly game after a lengthy weather delay. Atlanta outgained Philadelphia 113-0 in the first quarter but only managed to take a 3-0 lead despite two trips deep into the red zone, the first ending when Devonta Freeman was thrown for a 1-yard loss on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson says he expects both a great atmosphere and a great opponent.

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