Elon Musk And Joe Rogan Smoke Marijuana During Live Podcast Interview

Bizarre – Tesla founder Elon Musk has added to speculation over his behaviour by smoking a joint during a live interview More

Bizarre – Tesla founder Elon Musk has added to speculation over his behaviour by smoking a joint during a live interview More

Tesla's founder Elon Musk recently made an appearance on comedian Joe Rogan's popular podcast, "Joe Rogan Experience".

Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla may be considering a new product for a smarter home-an intelligent air conditioning system-during a rather baked two and a half hours long podcast on Thursday evening.

When Rogan, who happens to be an outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana, offered the blunt to Musk, the billionaire playboy first asked whether it was a joint or a cigar. Rogan asked, noting that Musk probably had not "because of stockholders".

Rogan asks if he wants some, but adds that Musk probably can't because of stockholders, nearly daring him. The entry of additional competitors and Tesla's failure to meet its goals are "certainly enough to cause investors to second-guess the company", he said.

That apology appeared to be disingenuous, however, because on Wednesday, Musk repeated his earlier allegations in an interview with BuzzFeed News.

"I have a lot on my plate", Musk said. Musk may have even violated Tesla company policy, according to CNBC.

The spot on one of the most popular podcasts in the USA marks Musk's first appearance in a public forum since he stunned the financial world last month with his short-lived effort to take Tesla private. Shares of electric auto maker Tesla Inc. tumbled over 9 percent as the markets opened Friday, Sept. 7, after the CEO smoked marijuana during a YouTube video podcast and the company’s accounting chief left after a month on the job. "I think people should be nicer to each other and give more credit to others and don't assume they're mean until they're actually mean".

"Since I joined Tesla on August 6th, the level of public attention placed on the company, as well as the pace within the company, have exceeded my expectations", he was quoted as saying in the regulatory filing.

"I don't think you'd necessarily want to be me", he said.

Musk has admitted that running an electric auto and energy company like Tesla is exhausting, and in an interview with the New York Times last month, Musk stated that anyone who could do a better job can take over for him anytime.

In July he shocked investors by announcing on Twitter that he had funding secured to take his auto firm Tesla private.

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