Flu Shot: Where To Get The Vaccine In Michigan

The Arkansas Department of Health says flu season officially starts next month

The Arkansas Department of Health says flu season officially starts next month. Credit Image via Creative Commons

The News Journal of Wilmington reported Wednesday that at least one flu case has been confirmed in each county since last week.

"The flu is so common now that most people view it more as a nuisance than a unsafe virus, but in reality, hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized every year for flu-related causes, with many cases proving fatal", Alec Ginsberg, C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries pharmacist, tells Bustle.

The CDC said it's key to get a flu vaccine before influenza starts spreading in your community, recommending getting the shot if it's available now between the end of October.

According to the CDC, people who become sick after they get vaccinated were either exposed to the virus before the vaccine took effect or were exposed to a virus the vaccine wasn't created to protect against. "Last year was a pretty rough flu season, but they expect this year to be a lot worse".

With the flu challenge just starting, Mansfield and the Student Health Services Department are hopeful that the numbers will be great and that they will get the vaccinations. Second, because flu viruses are constantly changing, the formulation of the flu vaccine is reviewed each year and updated as needed to keep up with changing flu viruses. "Vaccination not only reduces the risk of catching the flu, it also reduces the chance that you'll be hospitalized".

"The flu should not be taken lightly", said Dirk Haselow, MD, State Epidemiologist at ADH. "We also have the high-dose influenza vaccine, which is more effective for persons 65 years of age and older".

Flu season starts around October and peaks in December. Vaccines typically come in trivalent (protecting against three viruses - two A-strains and one B-strain) or quadrivalent (protecting against four strains - two A-strains and two B-strains).

In addition, after the Walgreens pharmacist administers the vaccine, Walgreens will transmit that information securely to VA where it becomes part of the patient's electronic medical record.

Who should get a flu vaccine?

"A live vaccine is going to have actual particles of the virus, but it has been reduced down to where it will not actually cause the flu", said Dr. Livingston.

According to the CDC, flu costs the nation about $7 billion a year in sick days and lost productivity among working-age adults.

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