Former Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore Sues Actor Sacha Baron Cohen

Roy Moor left says Sacha Baron Cohen's portrayal was

Roy Moor left says Sacha Baron Cohen's portrayal was"false and fraudulent Credit Reuters

Former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore filed a US$95 million (approx $132 million) lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen and Showtime on Wednesday, alleging that he was duped into appearing on Who Is America?

Cohen invited former U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama Roy Moore under the pretense of granting him an award for his support for Israel, but he used the opportunity to mock and embarrass the Republican.

Despite his protests of innocence, Moore, who was accused of preying on underage girls in the scandal that tanked his campaign, managed to set off the machine several times.

CBS and Showtime did not immediately respond to requests for comment on behalf of the defendants.

Lawyers for the Republican judge and his wife claimed that Cohen "falsely painted, portrayed, mocked and with malice defamed Judge Moore as a sex offender, which he is not".

The lawsuit alleges that Cohen's use of a disguise to lure Moore and his wife, Kayla, to Washington, DC, for the interview was fraudulent.

Moore was accused of sexual misconduct during his campaign for the Alabama Senate a year ago.

"During the segment, Defendant Cohen's "device" - as part of the false and fraudulent routine - purports to detect Judge Moore as a sex offender, thus defaming him", the court documents read. He has denied the allegations.

In July, Georgia lawmaker Jason Spencer, ridiculed for dropping his pants and using racial slurs on Who Is America?, said he would resign.

After Moore discovered the truth, his attorney sent warnings to Cohen, Showtime and CBS that he would "resort to appropriate legal remedies if they chose to air the segment", according to the complaint.

Moore had signed a released before participation in "Who Is America?" he says that condition is now void because it was obtained fraudulently.

The video has been viewed on YouTube more than 3.8 million times since it was published on July 29.

According to AAP and The Washington Post, the lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the United States and accuses Cohen of smearing Moore's name and intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

However, he was instead interviewed by Cohen in character as Colonel Erran Morad, who waved a "paedophile detector" at him.

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