Fortnite Monopoly Is Coming

Fortnite Monopoly Is Coming

Fortnite Monopoly Is Coming

At one point, United Kingdom retailer Zavvi was taking pre-orders for the game for £26.99, with a release date of November 26. Now, the wait is over, but rather than being a direct replica of the last-man-standing video game-or one that's as close as possible, given the limitations-Epic Games has partnered with Hasbro to create Fortnite Monopoly.

IGN reports, via confirmation from Hasbro, that it will be available worldwide on October 1st. Fortnite Monopoly will see the classic tabletop game receive its very own battle royale twist, in which players can shoot one another or craft walls in order to protect themselves. First spotted by Eurogamer, the game was initially rumoured to release on November 26, but Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustard took to Twitter to confirm the earlier launch. It's up to players whether they will move or take an action first.

You'll be able to shoot a player on the same side of the board as you; build a wall on the space you're now on to protect yourself from being shot; drop a Boogie Bomb, which causes each player to lose health; or apply a bandage to regain health.

Money will reportedly act as health points, so as soon as you run out of life points you lose the game.

While Fortnite Monopoly looks like it could be fun, it's a shame more work wasn't put into the pieces, which appear to be just cardboard picture cut-outs rather than Fortnite versions of the traditional tokens. There are storm spaces on the board which automatically knock two lives off a player when landed on. Losing all your health means you're out, of course.

When using dice in Fortnite Monopoly, one die is rolled for "action" while the other die is rolled for movement.

Objective of the game: Be the last player standing. Other changes to make the classic board game more like the video game that's taken the world by storm over the past year include replacing money with health points and making every property on the board a location from Fortnite Island.

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