Google Maps 5.0 for iOS offers CarPlay support with iOS 12

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Google Maps 5.0 for iOS offers CarPlay support with iOS 12

For those wondering, Waze has also confirmed it will be bringing CarPlay support to its app at some point in the near future, but no word on when that app's update will arrive. With the new version of the iPhone software released yesterday, Google wasted no time in pushing out an update to Google Maps in the App Store.

Up until recently, if you wanted to use Apple CarPlay and a navigation app, you had to use Apple Maps.

With Google Maps' update now out the door, users can enjoy all that it has to offer via a car's built-in touchscreen thanks to CarPlay and that's a great thing if you have a auto with such functionality.

iPhone users can now use Google Maps to navigate in their car's built-in display. And more third-party apps are on the way. Then, once connected to CarPlay, it will pick up where it left off. That adds compatibility with CarPlay.

You can download Google Maps if you have not done so on iTunes or just go to the App Store on your device and check for updates. You can search for a destination and see multiple route options, as well as get live information on traffic jams, congestion, accidents, and other delays along the route. The latest version of the app supporting CarPlay will be displayed on the screen and you are good to proceed from there. But Google, that owns the app has not revealed any major update to help Waze support the i0S 12.

On the weekend, first images of Google Maps within CarPlay were shared by a beta tester, hinting a public launch would be coming soon.

You obviously need an iPhone with iOS 12 on board in order for this to work.

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