High praise from the Rastafarian community after ConCourt's dagga ruling

South Africa’s Constitutional Court has ruled that personal use of marijuana is not a criminal offence

SA Constitutional Court Says Using And Growing Mbanje For Private Use Is Legal

This judgment stems from the original controversial ruling in the Western Cape High Court in 2017, which stated that the possession, cultivation and use of dagga at home was allowed.

In the interim, adults can smoke dagga in private.

He says the users of alcohol and tobacco are allowed to use these substances however they wish.

Celebrations broke out in the court, which was packed with marijuana advocates and members of South Africa's Rastafarian community.

These are all popular misconceptions and people should inform themselves with the truth.

In a landmark unanimous judgment, the Constitutional Court has ruled that the private use of cannabis is decriminalised.

For the cultivation of cannabis, he says the exact same rules should apply.

The breakthrough for South African cannabis users came just a day after U.S. soft drinks giant Coca-Cola confirmed it was studying the use of a key ingredient in marijuana to make "wellness beverages".

It will, however, remain illegal to use cannabis in public, and to sell and supply it.

The court has not approved - in any form - the trade in marijuana, meaning the government will not be able to profit from taxing a legalised industry. It also gives Parliament 24 months to change a section of the medicine controls act.

However, the judgement did not specify the amount that can be used by an adult in private use.

Zondo said that this reading-in will apply until such time as Parliament fixes the Constitutional defect in the case. The judgment decriminalises the use of dagga at home, stated the report.

In April Zimbabwe became the second country in Africa, after Lesotho, to legalise the use of marijuana for medical use.

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