Memorial Service for Arizona Sen. John S. McCain

Emotional Joe Biden remembers John Mc Cain as 'a brother' at memorial service

Emotional Joe Biden remembers John Mc Cain as'a brother at memorial service More

Vice President Mike Pence spoke of McCain's honor and service. Obligatory Credit: Jasper Colt-USA TODAY ORIG FILE ID: 20180831_jel_usa_103.jpg (Photo: Jasper Colt-USA TODAY) WASHINGTON - Vice President Mike Pence turned to the Bible when requested no longer too lengthy ago what he makes of a new serious biography that calls him as a "Christian supremacist."The Bible says depend it all joy when you suffer trials of many kinds", Pence urged the Christian Broadcasting Community in an interview excerpt launched Friday".

The mere mention of the president irked many on Twitter, given McCain had banned Donald Trump from attending his funeral.

He continued, "We gather here today to honor an American patriot who served a cause greater than himself".

Over the years, Trump, who did not serve in the military, has demeaned McCain's status as a former prisoner of war, implied he gave up information to his captors and mocked injuries he sustained as a prisoner.

"In every generation, there are those who put country first, who prize service ahead of self, who summon idealism from a cynical age".

The six-term Republican senator from Arizona, who passed away last weekend after a battle with brain cancer, lied in state under the U.S. Capitol Rotunda - only the 31st person to ever receive that incredible honor - for a ceremony and public visitation Friday as lawmakers paid their respects.

Pence delivered an executive wreath in front of McCain's casket on behalf of the executive branch. McCain, who died August 25 at age 81, was a senator for 31 years, a naval aviator, and was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.

As a presidential candidate, Trump said he did not consider McCain a war hero because he was captured.

Saturday, McCain will be carried from the U.S. Capitol to the National Cathedral were a memorial service will be held to celebrate his.

McCain's extensive service to the United States.

The White House came under fire two days after McCain's death when flags were raised to full-staff, while the U.S. Capitol and other federal buildings remained at half-staff.

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