Missionaries of Jesus condemns nuns’ protest

Bp. Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar

Bp. Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar

The day also saw "Missionaries of Jesus", a congregation to which the nun belongs, coming out against the nun and five fellow nuns, who are protesting in Kochi seeking justice, accusing them of "spreading blatant lies" against the Bishop.

In July, the nun had lodged a rape and sexual assault complaint against a bishop based in Jalandhar, Punjab.

"They are arranging people to attack us and Bishop Franco is using his political power and money to get higher authorities of the investigation and the government to bury legal proceedings that I have filed against him", she charged.

Four weeks have passed since the single bench disposed the earlier petition, granting discretion to the investigation officer regarding the arrest, but no progress has been made, the counsels for the petitioners argued. One of our young sisters who had a close contact with Bishop Franco was caught by the authority with specific proofs for a serious error in the place where this sister was rendering her service. Catholic reformation organisations, including the Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement (KCRM), took part in the protest.

Responding to two pleas, the court asked the police to clarify if the Bishop was questioned and what steps had been taken after the police questioning. An order to police to protect the victim from the accused is also sought by the petitioner.

The nun, who admitted to be under vast pressure in her battle against Bishop Franco Mulakkal, said that she was pained by the derogatory comments raised against her by sitting legislator PC George and will not meet the media.

In the September 8 letter, a copy of which is available with the media Tuesday, she alleged that the Bishop and his associates were luring people to take a stand supportive of them by assuring them properties and other forms of wealth.

"We need more evidence to incriminate Bishop Mulakkal beyond any doubts", said District Police Chief Hari Sankar last week. His statement came at a time when the Kerala Police is facing a lot of pressure to arrest a Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulackal.

"There are some elements in Kerala who have been misusing nuns to achieve their hidden agenda", he said.

She alleged that the Church showed double standard in dealing with the issues of the sisters and priests. The statement has also said that the allegations against the Bishop are completely baseless. However, George has also asked to cross-examine the three other nuns who have the same allegations against the Bishop.

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