Porsche says bye bye to diesel engines

Porsche's move out of diesel enjoys follows the three-year-old

Porsche says bye bye to diesel engines

Porsche has officially ended production of its diesel vehicles, instead shifting its focus to e-mobility.

"Naturally we will continue to look after our existing diesel customers with the professionalism they expect", Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said.

The German manufacturer says it'll concentrate on petrol, electric and hybrid engines.

You've not been able to buy a new diesel Porsche since February, when the company quietly halted sales of the Panamera 4S Diesel - once the world's fastest oil-burner - and Macan S Diesel amid falling sales and the introduction of stricter emissions testing. "Still, Porsche's image has suffered". The company admitted that about 13,500 diesel Cayenne models had an illegal engine charge control that, according to the German magazine, Bild am Sonntag was used to cheat on diesel emissions tests.

Existing diesel auto customers would continue to be served, he said.

While Porsche might not have anything against diesel cars, it is clear that sales figures have been falling for some time.

"There will be no more diesel from Porsche from now on", Blume told the newspaper.

Blume said that Porsche was owning up to the issue, adding it affected about 13,500 diesel vehicles and that the carmaker was also examining petrol cars as a precautionary measure.

The carmaker will also launch its first electric auto in 2019.

Diesel cars over a certain age have been banned in parts of some German cities in a bid to cut pollution. The automaker offered diesel versions of some of its four-door models, but the company has stuck to gasoline for its sports cars. Recent court rulings in Germany stipulating that older diesel cars should be banned from certain areas have caused uncertainty among auto buyers.

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