Puerto Rico 2017 hurricane death toll raised to almost 3,000 from 64

The storm caused $90 billion of damage in Puerto Rico

The storm caused $90 billion of damage in Puerto RicoRAMON ESPINOSA AP

The remarks came just a day after the Puerto Rican government revealed that 2,975 people died as a effect of the hurricane's devastation, while Trump told reporters on Wednesday that his administration had done a "fantastic job" on Puerto Rico.

The revised death toll is almost 50 times the previous estimate of 64.

He says he thinks "most of the people of Puerto Rico really appreciate what we've done".

Puerto Rico has struggled to fix its infrastructure and power grid since the storm, and is asking US Congress for $139bn (£108bn) in recovery funds.

The White House issued a statement on Tuesday noting that it sent 12,000 personnel to Puerto Rico for response and recovery efforts, and said it would continue to support the island's government and its communities in their recovery for years to come.

Till the new replace, Puerto Rico's executive had acknowledged handiest sixty four of us died since the storm.The brand new loss of life toll decide makes Storm Maria one in every of the deadliest hurricanes in United States historical previous.

With the overwhelming amount of donations received, organizers say they'll use the funds to help more cats around the observatory and look into adopting them out to families on the mainland.

From September 2017 to February 2018, 2,975 people died because of Maria, according to a study released by George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health on Tuesday.

Health advocates scoffed at the government's initial death toll and said many people died after the storm because they lacked medicine, couldn't get adequate medical treatment or had chronic diseases that were aggravated by the post-storm conditions.

John Mutter, a professor at Columbia University who researches disaster management, said death certificates are "critical" to determining what is attributable to the hurricane.

"The tenacity and resilience of the pastoral leadership and their church membership are fantastic", Sena said.

In December, public safety officials revised the official count to 64, adding some fatalities newly certified as indirect deaths related to the storm.

Rep. Nydia Velazquez, a New York Democrat, said the report shows the USA government failed the people of Puerto Rico.

But U.S. Representative Nydia Velazquez, a New York Democrat, said the study was "only the latest to underscore that the federal response to the hurricanes was disastrously inadequate, and as a result, thousands of our fellow American citizens lost their lives".

"This will be a stain on his presidency for as long as he lives", she said.

Santos-Burgoa said the high death toll, ranking Maria among the worst natural disasters in USA history, was evidence that "we lack a culture of preparedness".

Santos-Burgoa said his group's analysis factored in greater historical data and more statistical variables.

The researchers also examined Puerto Rico's crisis communications and death certification process in place during Hurricane Maria.

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