Republican congressman trashed by his own siblings in savage political ad

In this image made from a political ad posted on You Tube on Friday Sept. 21 2018 by the campaign for David Brill Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona Jennifer Gosar talks about her brother U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar. In

Republican congressman trashed by his own siblings in savage political ad

If there is a gathering of Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's family this holiday season, there should be plenty to talk about after six of the Republican's nine siblings endorsed his Democratic opponent.

"If he actually cared about people in rural Arizona, I bet he'd be fighting for social security, for better access to health care", says Jennifer Gosar, a medical interpreter. "Paul's absolutely not working for his district", says a lawyer whose name is shown as "David".

"I think my brother has traded a lot of the values we had at our kitchen table", said one of the six Gosar siblings who appear in the various ads. Gosar was labeled a "disgrace" for supporting Robinson by Arizona Democrat Athena Salman. David Gosar opens it by saying, "None of this is pleasant for any of us", after which several siblings say that their decision to endorse Brill was "horrible" and "difficult" and that it "brings sadness". "These disgruntled Hillary suppporters [sic] are related by blood to me but like leftists everywhere, they put political ideology before family". "Lenin, Mao and Kim Jung (sic) Un would be proud", Gosar said.

In the world of politics, brutal attack ads are nothing new. "We all have insane aunts and relatives etc and my family is no different", Gosar wrote. "I'm not going to break bread with a racist". "To the six angry Democrat Gosars - see you at Mom and Dad's house!".

Brill, a Prescott doctor, is very much a long-shot to defeat Gosar.

The television ad from Democrat David Brill combines video interviews with Gosar-family siblings who ask voters to usher Paul Gosar out of office because he has broken with the family's values.

Gosar has also made headlines for controversial comments about Native Americans and recently, when he warned attorneys helping refugees they could be prosecuted.

At least one senator, Dick Durbin from the USA state of IL, planned to bring an undocumented "dreamer" to the speech as a guest.

Gosar, a four-term congressman, is a staunch conservative and supporter of President Donald Trump. Gosar's siblings appeared in other ads for Brill that were uploaded to his YouTube page. "Paul Gosar, the congressman, isn't doing anything to help rural America".

Family members who split with their political kin tend to draw attention and media coverage and are often sought by opposing campaigns.

And the parents of Republican Kevin Nicholson, who was a Senate candidate in Wisconsin before he lost the primary to state Sen.

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