Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes inside woman’s purse

Samsung откажется от смартфонов Galaxy J

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes inside woman’s purse

According to court papers, Ms. Chung was reportedly in the elevator of her building when she found that her Note 9 became "extremely hot" so she ceased using the phone and placed it inside her purse.

Another senior Samsung official Kate Beaumon had said that the latest Note 9 uses a newer cooling system for better heat dissipation.

Reports have emerged from the United States that a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may have caught fire in a woman's purse. Diane Chung, who is a real estate agent, has filed a lawsuit after her new unit spontaneously combusted on September 3 in her purse while she was in the elevator.

"Suddenly, "she heard a whistling and screeching sound, and she noticed thick smoke" pouring from her purse, she alleges", the Post reports. "Extremely panicked", Chung started smashing elevator buttons, as the thick smoke made it hard to see. In her lawsuit, Chung demands for unspecified damages and Galaxy Note 9 sales to be barred. Once she reached the lobby and the elevator door opened, she kicked the burning hot Galaxy Note 9 out of the lift.

We were dreading a news like this ever since the Galaxy Note 9 was launched and now it's here.

Chung says that the fire left her unable to contact clients and ruined everything in her bag. This is notable, particularly considering that the new phone is the tenth edition of the Samsung Galaxy S series that debuted globally in 2010. The latter recall was required after it was found that there were close to 100 cases of Note 7 units catching fire in the USA alone, as noted by Wired.

It looks like Note 9 plans to continue the legacy of Note 7 as a lawsuit about a potential fire has come to light. "Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore".

For its part, Samsung says it is investigating the matter but that no similar incidents have been reported. To avoid future problems, the company created an eight-point inspection process for its batteries that, Samsung said, goes "well above and beyond the industry standard".

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