SpaceX reveals Yusaku Maezawa will fly 'around the Moon' in historic announcement

Falcon 9 SpaceX heavy rocket launched successfully from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral Fla

SpaceX reveals Yusaku Maezawa will fly 'around the Moon' in historic announcement

Maezawa's interest in the arts is one of the key driving factors in his reasoning to head to the moon.

"Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the moon", the billionaire entrepreneur said during a press conference held at SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California. SpaceX says that only 24 humans have visited the Moon or its orbit in history, with the last one traveling on a 1972 Apollo mission. The man is Yusaku Maezawa, and he's a very, very wealth Japanese man who plans on inviting up to eight others along for the ride around the Moon and back to Earth. The goal of Maezawa's project is for the artists to be inspired by the journey and create art about it when they go back to Earth.

Yusaku Maezawa, the chief executive of Zozo, which operates Japan's popular fashion shopping site Zozotown and is officially called Start Today Co, speaks at an event launching the debut of its formal apparel items, in Tokyo, Japan, July 3, 2018.

It is unclear whether that person is one of the individuals who put down deposits previous year to take a trip around the moon in the company's Crew Dragon capsule atop a Falcon Heavy rocket.

Musk said he would not reveal the price Maezawa paid for the Moon trip, but said it would be "free for the artists".

The amount Maezawa is paying for the trip was not disclosed, however, Musk said the businessman outlaid a significant deposit and will have a material impact on the cost of developing the BFR.

SpaceX is on the verge of announcing the name of the person who will be the first private passenger to take a tourist trip around the moon.

"I hope that this project will inspire the dreamer within each of us", Maezawa wrote on the website for the project, #DearMoon. The mission is slated to take flight in 2023.

"I could not pass up this opportunity to see the moon up close", Maezawa said.

Musk said the BFR, or the Big Falcon Rocket, was still in development.

No matter who SpaceX has signed for its "BFR Lunar Mission", the company is hyping it as an epic trip. The BFR is central to SpaceX's plans of eventually putting people on Mars for the first time, but first of all, they need to prove that the thing actually works. He said the top priority is getting ready to be able to send astronauts to the space station.

Mr Musk added: "We will carry out many test flights before we put any people on board".

We'll have to wait until SpaceX's big reveal on Monday to find out how much of the BFR design has really changed.

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