Tennis umpires reportedly mulling boycotting Serena Williams matches after US Open flap

Report: Tennis Umpires Mulling Boycott Of Serena Williams Matches

The truth about Serena Williams' US Open drama

Beyond her unprecedented success in tennis, Serena has also come out strongly as a women's rights activist.

"Because it was my first final and my first Grand Slam victory, overall I felt really happy and I know that I accomplished a lot".

The data provided by the NYT gives us much more context for Williams' complaint, but it doesn't actually settle the question.

But much of the ensuing outrage chose to ignore Williams' claims of unfair treatment.

Williams got a warning for violating a rarely enforced rule against receiving coaching from the sidelines. The umpire counted that as the second offence and denied her a point.

It remains to be seen whether Serena will face any further ramifications for her behaviour, after being fined $17,000 in the wake of the incident.

"There are men out here who do a lot worse than me, but because I'm a woman you are going to take this away from me?" she protested to Brian Earley, the tournament referee.

In a match that drew strong ratings on ESPN, Osaka beat Williams in straight sets to win the women's singles Open title. He called it "an unhappy situation" and said he followed the rules of tennis.

Williams went on to allege that male players were treated more favourably than female players.

Williams's sexism charge was backed initially by Katrina Adams, the chief executive for the United States Tennis Association. This is not an explanation anyone would ever tolerate for poor or unethical behavior by a colleague or a child.

These standards are not applied to the young men my age who instead of being emotional, they are branded "passionate", instead of ranting are "speaking their minds" and if he speaks arrogantly speaks of his achievements he is said to be "confident" and an "ambitious" is not used as a complement. "That's all I can say", Ramos told The Associated Press on Friday. If Williams wanted to address the issue of her integrity and/or sexism in tennis, an outburst in the middle of a public match probably wasn't the best choice of venue. Vox outlined years of these attacks in a comprehensive 2017 article: "At the same time she's being celebrated, she's targeted with outrageous racist and sexist comments".

"I find it interesting that she did it only when she was losing". The decision caused a heated on-court dispute between him and Williams. "He did change the course of the match".

For a great example of this, look at the National Football League, which now grades its umpire crews after each weekend of games and points out publicly where incorrect calls were made.

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