The Most Important Hardware Announcements From Today's Amazon Event

Skype on Alexa

The Most Important Hardware Announcements From Today's Amazon Event

Other new product announcements include the Echo Auto, a dongle that adds Alexa voice control to your vehicle; Echo Input, an accessory that adds Alexa to any speaker; Echo Link and Echo Link Amp, two home theatre accessories to stream high-fidelity music; and Fire TV Recast, a set-top box that can record over-the-air TV programming for free. Some of it is interesting; some of it is just an update of the same smart home gear you already have. The Echo Plus comes with improved sound for streaming audio.

We're also very interested to try out the Echo Sub alongside the $200 Echo Link and $300 Echo Link Amp - both shown below.

It'll also have Alexa voice assistant integration, and lets users play music, watch videos, get cooking recipes, and receive news briefings. That's compared to $229.99 for the Echo Show. Much like its name implies, it's a powered subwoofer that works in conjunction with one or two Echo or Echo Plus devices and performs ever-important bass-handling duties.

But Amazon is trying to shorten that gap.

Amazon announced a new accessory called Echo Auto, which lets you have Alexa in your vehicle.

Amazon is taking the fight to rivals by announcing a number of smart devices. You'll find the new Echo Dot on Amazon for sale right now for approximately $50 Dollars. This microwave can be found sold by Amazon for approximately $60 United States dollars.

As the market for smart home devices is flooded with many similar products, there is the question of what we actually want to see from these smart devices.

After that, the Echo Auto sits your dash like those old SFX machines people used to have, and it'll give you access to all the usual Alexa services using the data and Alexa app from your smartphone. It sits on your dashboard and uses eight microphones to add Alexa to your auto. Additionally you can set the device to turn on your house lights when you pull up at home, set reminders to pick up your dry cleaning, add errands to your to-do list and check them off when they're complete, build your shopping list or manage your calendar - while your eyes stay on the road.

Microsoft is yet to reveal a rollout schedule for the new Skype calling support feature for Alexa. When you do, your various Echo devices will send you a notification if they hear certain sounds-an alarm going off, a window shattering, etc. Their new Simple Setup and Alexa Connect technologies will make it easier to connect appliances to the internet, and there's the possibility of offering these systems to third parties. For example, if you say, "Alexa, good night".

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