Trump aide says sex claim against Brett Kavanaugh should be heard

Trump aide says sex claim against Brett Kavanaugh should be heard

Trump aide says sex claim against Brett Kavanaugh should be heard

The Arizona Republican told The Washington Post that Christine Blasey Ford, a 51-year-old research psychologist who first went public with her allegations in a Post story Sunday, "must be heard".

Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono and Connecticut Democratic Sen.

Ford claims that what Kavanaugh allegedly did to her at a party in the 80s was attempted rape.

"Now I feel like my civic responsibility is outweighing my anguish and terror about retaliation", Ford told the Post. She says Kavanaugh groped her over her clothes, grinded his body against hers and tried to take off her one-piece swimsuit and the outfit she wore over it. Kavanaugh covered her mouth with his hand when she tried to scream, she says, and escaped when the friend, Mark Judge, jumped on them.

"If it takes a little delay, it'll take a little delay", Trump told reporters in the White House Roosevelt Room.

Kavanaugh has "categorically and unequivocally" denied the allegation, and continued to do so following publication of Ford's detailed account of the incident.

The White House says "Kavanaugh and the White House both stand by that statement".

A lawyer close to the White House said the nomination will not be withdrawn.

In a statement provided by the White House, Kavanaugh denied the allegation.

Ford's allegations come almost a year after the #MeToo movement was popularised following the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct by Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein, who has since been charged with rape and other sexual crimes.

It was Senator Dianne Feinstein of California who had the letter that Dr. Blasey wrote but asked her to keep confidential.

"At one point she walked away to go to the bathroom and went up a small flight of stairs, at which point she was pushed into a bedroom". I have received medical treatment regarding the assault.

Ms Ford had contacted the Post through a tip line in early July after it had become clear that Mr Kavanaugh was on Mr Trump's shortlist to fill a vacancy but before the Republican president nominated him, the newspaper said. "I thought he might inadvertently kill me", she told the newspaper.

Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. On Sunday, The Washington Post published an interview with Ford. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and two sons, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

"Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday". The senator claims the allegations are "extremely serious and bear heavily on Judge Kavanaugh's character".

"I never saw Brett act that way", Judge said.

If confirmed, Kavanaugh is expected to tip the scale in favour of conservatives, potentially further threatening women's access to abortion, restrictions on presidential powers and efforts to curb gun ownership.

When Anita Hill accused then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991, there were four women in the Senate and none on the Senate judiciary committee. A Republican source tells CNN that the vote is still scheduled to occur.

As of Monday afternoon, the Senate Judiciary Committee had not changed its plan for a Thursday vote on whether to recommend Kavanaugh and forward his nomination to the full Senate.

Mrs Ford said she spoke of the alleged attack a couple of times over the subsequent decades. "This should happen before the Senate moves forward on this nominee".

"The standard procedure for updates to any nominee's background investigation file is to conduct separate follow-up calls with relevant parties". If Republicans bring up the fact that Ford's allegation wasn't reported or relayed to anyone for more than 30 years - until Kavanaugh's name emerged as a possible Supreme Court justice - they will be accused of attacking a woman.

South Carolina GOP Sen. Ford has expressed a willingness to speak before the committee, as has Kavanaugh. The Judiciary Committee has not yet decided how to proceed.

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