Trump Associates Push Back on Woodward Book

Speaking at a rally in Billings Montana on Thursday night Trump took aim at the explosive new book by Bob Woodward and its vivid depictions of White House dysfunction

Trump Associates Push Back on Woodward Book

Two apparent key sources for Bob Woodward's devastating new book on Donald Trump criticized the author's depiction of the president Tuesday, suggesting he distorted their accounts. It is the latest book to detail tensions within the White House during Trump's 20-month-old presidency.

"This book does not accurately portray my experience at the White House", Cohn said in a statement he sent to the political news site Axios. "It's not every day that someone in the administration claims that many officials in that administration are working to frustrate parts of the president's agenda and his worse inclinations".

In "Fear", Woodward said Chief of Staff John Kelly referred to Trump as an "idiot" and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis compared the president's understanding of military operations in the Korean peninsula to a "fifth or sixth grader". While the president expressed annoyance that Barack Obama was taking credit for the nation's economic success, he told one adviser that the former president's increased visibility would give Trump more chances to attack a figure who remained very unpopular with his base. Woodward shrugged off Trump calling him a liar on Twitter, saying he feels comfortable the truth will ultimately win. Earlier also in June 2017, Donald Trump had acknowledged PM Modi as his friend before Modi's first visit to United States after Trump took charge of the White House. "I'll write the real book!"

Mattis called the book "the product of someone's rich imagination". "It's been the same all along", he told journalists.

"As staff secretary, I was responsible for managing the flow of documents to and from the Oval Office and ensuring that anything the president was asked to sign had been properly vetted", Porter said in a statement.

But Woodward insisted his book was accurate and said he carefully vetted each description included in the book.

Once one person had described an episode to him, Woodward says, "I would go to other people and say, 'Did this happen?"

But, the president is no stranger to women accusing him of misdeeds. At least 19 women have publicly accused Trump of kissing them, touching them inappropriately or having an affair with him while he was married. "Woodward would have performed rudimentary journalistic fact checking with those he was quoting, he would have had a more accurate book rather than just being a stenographer for Mr. Bannon's self-aggrandizing revisionist history".

Trump said last week that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should investigate who authoredthe Times story as a matter of national security. Dems can't stand losing.

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