Trump taunts US media over Obama error

Obama laments ‘broken’ politics in stumping for Ohio Democrats

Trump taunts US media over Obama error

This is not normal what we're seeing, it is radical.

Obama was in closely divided OH to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, whom he called "my friend".

The Cleveland rally comes less than a week after Obama's fiery rebuke to Trump in that IL speech, calling the 2018 elections a "pivotal moment" with "dire" consequences for the country.

"2016 is over, but President Obama continues to dismiss the millions of voters across Ohio who rejected a continuation of his policies in favor of President Trump's plan for historic tax cuts, new jobs and soaring economic growth", said Mandi Merritt, Ohio spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

Obama drew a contrast between Cordray's polite - some say boring - style and the president's.

The former president, who called this November's election the most important one of his lifetime, headlined a rally for Cordray, a former Ohio Attorney General, and his running mate Betty Sutton. "Can you imagine if I said that...story of the year!"

But in a reprisal of a message he delivered in a speech last week at the University of Illinois, Obama said that the "biggest threat to our democracy is indifference", and urged not only Democrats to turn out in 2018, but independents and Republicans disillusioned with the current state of American politics. "He just did it", Obama said.

Trump is also pursuing an ambitious schedule of appearances, making the case that more Republicans must be elected to stop Democrats from obstructing his agenda.

Obama selected Cordray as the first director of the CFPB, established after the 2008 financial crisis to police mortgages, credit cards and other products. He resigned late past year.

President Trump's son, Donald Jr., will also be in the state on Thursday, campaigning for Brown's GOP opponent Rep. Jim Renacci and attending a fundraiser for DeWine. "He spent the last six years in Washington trying to regulate community banks".

Cordray's campaign said there's nothing improper about the firm's work for the government or the campaign.

George Conway's tweet was in response to President Trump's mocking of Obama mistakenly saying he had been to "57 states" in a country that has just 50 states - something he decried going underreported on by the "fake news media". "He didn't tweet about it, he just did it".

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