US Senate Brawl Over Kavanaugh Intensifies

Brett Kavanaugh says the latest claims are 'a smear'

Brett Kavanaugh says the latest claims are 'a smear'

It's unclear whether these protests will have any effect on the Senate Republicans, who seem dead set on holding a vote, regardless of the mounting accusations against Kavanaugh. "We're going to be moving forward". Adela Gildo-Mazzon said Ford told her about the alleged assault in June 2013. "I'm confident that he will be confirmed in the very near future".

To skirt that challenge, Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said Tuesday that Republicans had recruited an unnamed female lawyer to question Blasey Ford on their behalf.

"The American people know that sexual misconduct is gravely serious", McConnell said on Tuesday. A therapist's notes reviewed by the newspaper mention a student from an elite boy's school who is now a high-ranking person in Washington but does not mention Kavanaugh by name.

"There's no reason to delay this more, unless something new comes out of the hearing on Thursday", said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn. "It seems like Kavanaugh is so desperate to get this gig, that he's willing to say anything - and I mean anything".

"My gut is they're trying to avoid a panel of all white guys asking tone-deaf questions", said Democratic Sen. "It didn't happen, he said". Last week, he lampooned Ford's allegation that an inebriated Kavanaugh trapped her beneath him on a bed at a high school house party and tried to take her clothes off before she escaped.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a vote on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court for Friday, a day after it is supposed to hear from both Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual misconduct.

President Trump and other conservatives galvanized in an all-out war against the accusers and Democrats in the wake of a second allegation against Kavanaugh by Yale college classmate Deborah Ramirez. "If Ms. Ramirez submits testimony and evidence to the Senate Judiciary Committee which committee investigators have requested we can decide how to proceed".

"We're looking for the truth here".

Kavanaugh said it's possible he may have met Ford at some time, but he said they were not friends and did not travel in the same social circles. And there remained concern among aides and Trump himself about how Kavanaugh would hold up facing far fiercer questioning from Senate Democrats, according to a White House official not authorized to speak publicly. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from ME, who has yet to declare her position on confirmation. "It is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed". Kavanaugh grinded his body against hers and attempted to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it, she said.

But first Blasey Ford and now Ramirez have thrown his nomination into doubt, even though their allegations lack the support of solid, corroborating witnesses.

Democrats are demanding the hearing be put off so that the FBI can investigate the two women's claims. "Because whatever the Democrats think of their base, the one thing I know that if you guys fold on this and cave and keep bending over backwards".

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