Where to watch Apple's iPhone launch event live

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Where to watch Apple's iPhone launch event live

As usual, rumours on Apple's new iPhones started approximately 10 minutes after the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X were launched a year ago.

In fact, pricing for the new 2018 iPhone models were recently revealed at an internal presentation by China Mobile. That email, spotted by iPhone Italia, cautions employees to expect heavy workloads around September 21. Because AppleInsider, which picked up the iPhone Italia report, says it's confirmed the company in question is Apple's shipping partner in Italy.

Historically, Apple has run a very tight ship when it comes to containing leaks, but things have changed slightly in more recent times.

Apple iPhone has come a long way since the launch day. That squares with past iPhone rollouts. Such a feature is likely to make the iPhone more appealing to consumers in India and China, where people often use two SIM cards. The new phones landed in stores a week later on Friday, Sept. 22. Apple revenue grew at an 8 percent [compound annual growth rate] over the last five years, driven in large part by sales of its flagship iPhone.

An upgraded version of the iPhone X with a 5.8-inch screen, but adding a faster processor and upgraded cameras.

The Apple Watch is 3 years old and ready for a light refresh. The larger iPhone Xs Max could approach $1,200, a price comprable to Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy Note 9, which starts at $1,000 and costs $1,250 for the 512GB model. Today, Bloomberg is reporting that the cheaper 6.1-inch LCD iPhone could be called the iPhone Xr - with the "r" likely standing for "regular".

Those differences in the leaked images mean that even though legitimate carriers appear to be teasing the new information, there's still a chance that some of these leaks could be fake or based on speculation.

Apple's XC is rumoured to have a slightly less flash LCD screen which is pretty big at 6.1-inches.

Apple is expected to release the Apple Watch Series 4 at its hardware event. The company recently released a cheaper version of the iPad in March for £319, and before that a refreshed second-generation version of iPad Pro in June previous year. Rumors speculate that the new tablets will undergo a bezel-less transformation similar to the iPhone X. The only questions is: will the iPad also include the notch?

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