Why Bill Belichick still won't talk about Josh Gordon

Why Bill Belichick still won't talk about Josh Gordon

Why Bill Belichick still won't talk about Josh Gordon

The Patriots' official website also lists Gordon on the roster. The catch? Gordon has played only 11 games since his best season.

After losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2, the New England Patriots went out and traded for one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL.

Despite those basic, undeniable realities, coach Bill Belichick took the position with reporters on Wednesday that he won't be discussing the player because the trade isn't done.

The arrangement was noticed quickly by every single Patriots beat writer who walked into the locker room at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday afternoon following the team's practice in Foxboro, albeit via slightly different wording.

"Any time you get someone in the middle of the season, there's obviously a lot of things that have happened that have got the team to a certain point that they weren't a part of", Brady said. Frankly the Dolphins biggest problem has always been Rob Gronkowski so Gordon won't disrupt that need too much as the Dolphins still need to take care of Gronkowski. So if I see a defense shifting or I see the linebackers doing something, he might change the play, and I know why and what he's changing it to.

Why Bill Belichick still won't talk about Josh Gordon

Gordon's appearance in practice ended a weird morning where people were wondering why Belichick wouldn't comment on his newest receiver. "If it's a flip of the coin and 50-50, sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong, I mean nobody can really depend on that".

Belichick got irritated when multiple follow-up questions were asked and responded, "Any other questions?"

According to the NFL Network, the Patriots will now receiver a seventh round pick back from the Browns. When the Browns announced they were going to part ways with Gordon over the weekend, one of the reported reasons was due to a lack of trust. Maybe he'll finally talk about Gordon then.

"We'll talk about it when it's done", Belichick said.

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