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CREDIT Courtesy of YouTube

CREDIT Courtesy of YouTube

Once it's shut down for good, you'll need to head to this new gaming portal on the main YouTube site in order to browse content.

YouTube announced on September 18 that YouTube Gaming will now be enveloped under the main site, as well as scrapping the YouTube Gaming app, which they admit didn't work as well as planned. More to the point, it appears that while YouTube Gaming existed, with a primary app to help showcase it to the world, most people still preferred just visiting the standard YouTube page to get their gaming content. The landing page shows you recommended streams and videos, along with the most-streamed live games. Gaming has always been a big part of YouTube, but YouTube Gaming was Google's attempt to steal away some of Twitch's massive audience. Additionally there is an "On the rise" section in gaming and trending categories to help surface new creators.

But although the YouTube Gaming app's audience is described as "strong" and "vibrant" in a new official blog post, the standalone service for gamers that was used as a public test bed for popular features like Super Chat, Channel Memberships, and Dark Theme will be discontinued in March 2019. The company said there are "tens of thousands of different game pages" for titles big and small on the platform.

In brief: YouTube Gaming, the standalone app dedicated to gaming content, is being killed off in spring next year.

There are also Game Pages, letting users view content from across YouTube related to a specific title.

Now, the Gaming category will reclaim a spot on the main site and application, "launching a new Gaming destination to give gamers a home on YouTube", the website says in the announcement.

The YouTube Gaming app launched back in August 2015 as a competitor for industry leader Twitch.

Google will cater the suggested videos to you based on what it thinks you want to see, just like with regular YouTube videos, so the more you watch the better its suggestions will become.

The Gaming portal today launched in the USA, and it's rolling out to other countries in the coming weeks.

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