At least four dead in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue



Media, social media, and even law enforcement often get important details wrong, and we continue to await official confirmation of number of victims or any information about the attacker.

Eight people were killed after a man opened fire on a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, CBS News reported on Saturday.

It was the deadliest attack on Jews in United States history, according to the leader of the Anti-Defamation League.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the "shooter claimed innocent lives" at a baby ceremony.

It was not immediately known how many people had been shot, whether there were any fatalities or what the shooter's motive was.

"It's a bad awful thing what's going on with hate in our country, and frankly all over the world and something has be done", Trump said.

The CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Jeff Finkelstein told WPXI that "he rushed to the area when he heard about the shooting", the NBC affiliate reported. "God Bless All!" Trump said in a tweet.

Squirrel Hill is considered a historic Jewish enclave and center for Jewish life in Pittsburgh, and it is considered home to more than a quarter of Jewish households in the Pittsburgh-area.

The synagogue door was unlocked on the Sabbath "because people are coming for services, and the bell would be ringing constantly". People in Squirrel Hill area should remain sheltered.

The captured suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting said that "All Jews must die". City Paper associate publisher Justin Matase lives very close to the site of the shooting and was listening to the police scanner as authorities responded to the shooting.

Chattanooga Mayor Berke also tweeted.

The synagogue is located on the corner of Wilkins and Shady Avenue.

"Looks like multiple fatalities", President Trump reacted on Twitter shortly after 11 a.m. local time. Two of the officers were shot in the initial confrontation with the gunman and two SWAT officers were wounded in a later confrontation. Police received several calls from people barricaded inside the building.

The tree-lined residential neighbourhood of Squirrel Hill, about 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, has a heavily Jewish population.

Offering a different take, Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, called the shooting an "absolute tragedy" in a statement that made reference to calls for tighter gun control laws."We must all pray and hope for no more loss of life", Wolf said.

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