Banksy's Girl With Balloon painting just pulled the ultimate art prank

Banksy girl with balloon self destruct Sothebys shredder

Banksy's Girl With Balloon painting just pulled the ultimate art prank

Yesterday, it was reported here [VIDEO] that a painting, "Girl With Balloon" by the elusive artist, Banksy, had sold for £1m on auction by Sotheby's.

"We are busy figuring out what this means in an auction context", he reportedly added.

The artist also published a video that states that he secretly built the shredder into the frame in case the work was ever put up for auction.

He shared footage of the prank online, which showed half the painting now hangs in ribbons below the frame.

The people at MyArtBroker estimate the piece is now worth about one pound or about 1.30 in U.S. dollars.

"We've been Banksy-ed", said Alex Branczik, the head of contemporary art at Sotheby's in Europe, at a news conference following the event.

Onlookers at Sotheby's in London were stunned when, just moments after selling for more than £1m, the Girl With Balloon painting shredded in front of them, coming out of the bottom of the frame in strips.

Ian Syer, co-Founder of said: "Banksy is unique to the art world".

Some auction attendees on Friday seemed shocked when the painting began to self-destruct.

For an artist who's known for his stunts, this could be Banksy's most ideal art world prank. "There are limited numbers of Girl With Balloon prints in the world, today, we lost one and it's a crying shame", a statement issued by the agency said. The said auction took place on October 5 in Sothebys where one millionaire could have laid his dirty hands on a creation of a rebel, until it got shredded. But when the Dismaland website crashed in response to high ticket demand, the disappointment lived up to the "bemusement" park's name when people were convinced it was all part of his art.

However, that advice didn't deter one unlucky Banksy print owner. Banksy also created a documentary file "Exit Through the Gift Shop" that was billed as the first street art disaster movie.

The anonymous buyer of a Banksy painting that was partially shredded at an auction has agreed to proceed with her payment of 1.04 million pounds (1.37 million dollars) despite the damage to the artwork, the auctioneers said on Thursday.

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