Black Ops 4 Has A Massive Day One Update

A risky move by developers

Black Ops 4 Has A Massive Day One Update

The day one patch has become such an issue that United Kingdom shops have been given permission to sell the game a day early, so that everyone has a chance to download the update in a reasonable amount of time.

Treyarch has announced that while Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will not support mods at launch, it will be looking at adding support after the game's release. The Blackout battle royale game mode will apparently be fully playable once 16-20 GB of the install is completed.

The developer confirmed that yes, a day one patch is required in order to play traditional multiplayer, Zombies, or the Specialist Headquarters mode.

Black Ops 4 isn't the only massive Triple-A game to require such a ridiculous amount of space this October. Activision says that "for an optimized download experience", players will need at least 112GB of free space on their hard drives.

The update process and sized don't differ at all between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with identical information being shared on Activision's site for both consoles. In order to play Blackout before the full installation is complete, select "Update to Latest Version" when the prompt appears.

The digital version clocks in at 55GB for the game and its patch on day one - and it also means you'll not need to switch out discs.

The day one update package is roughly 50 GB. Either way, you'll probably have a decent wait ahead of you before you hop into Call of Duty this year.

Black Ops 4 officially releases on Friday, October 12 and the servers are expected to go live in the United Kingdom on Thursday afternoon.

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